Let yourself be pampered by our state-certified masseuse Christine with a soothing application in our lovingly furnished massage rooms.

Our offer for your pure relaxation

Classic massages
Tensions are released and the head is released
Back massage20 min.25 €
Full Body massage40 min.46 €
Sport Relaxing massage25 min.30 €
*Heat applications'
optimizes the effect of classic massage
Red light10 min.12 €
Natural mud pack20 min.17 €
Haybag20 min.17 €
Cold treatment
has an analgesic and decongestant effect
Clay pack15 min.12 €
soothing, relaxing and simultaneously stimulating organs in the body
Reflexology25 min.30 €
Lymphatic drainage
stimulates the lymphatic flow, dammed and dehydrated
Partial treatment25 min.31 €
Full treatment40 min.48 €
Aromatherapy massage
harmonizing, relaxing full body treatment with selected essential oils.
A Blessing for Body, mind and soul
Aromatherapy massage25 min.31 €
For connoisseurs
Purification pack in the soft pack bed and full-body aroma oil massage60 min.59 €
wohltuende Rückenmassage
Unser liebevoll eingerichteter Massageraum

Applications in the soft pack bed / waterbed

gently wrapped, carried by warm water, the soft pack system promotes an optimal infiltration into the skin.

Rügen healing chalk
Detoxifying pack, stimulates the metabolism, skin-refining,
then Salzölpeel - moisturizing and nourishing
25 min.30 €
"Pure chocolate"
warm chocolate wrap, rejuvenates and smoothes the skin,
makes her silky smooth and soft
25 min.30 €
Rose petal bath / orange blossom bath
moisturizing, harmonizing, mood-enhancing
and moisturizing
25 min.33 €
Evening primrose oil cream bath
Prevents skin aging, cell-activating, invigorating and strongly moisturizing
25 min.33 €
Herbal oil bath
a herb has grown for everything. The one to rain, the other
relax, the third relieve colds
25 min.33 €

Wellness packages

Taster package "Probesprung"
1x back massage, 1x mud pack, 1x Aromatherapy massage69 €
Vital package "Überflieger"
1x back massage, 1x Sport relaxing massage, 1x Slimming pack, 1x mud pack97 €
Pamper package "Cleopatra"
1x Slimming pack, 1x Evening primrose oil cream bath,
1x Aromatherapy massage, 1x Reflexology
119 €
Package "Spezia(ö)l"
1x Ayurvedic foot massage, 1x Aromatherapy massage,
1x Evening primrose oil cream bath
123 €
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